Are you ready for World War III?

What do you think the next world war will be about? We think it’ll be about data. With the count of data thefts rising and the attempts of invading privacy taking a toll on our peace of mind. Let’s be ready.

World War III

When we think of the third World War, only two things come to mind; Water and Data. We all are aware of the exponentially ascending water crisis, but what about data? Our data, our privacy, our complete virtual existence that corresponds to our physical realities.

Yes, seems a bit far fetched that why would some information about us stored virtually be the cause of a global catastrophe. Well, it’s time to wake up and smell the sea weed. What may relatively seem harmless information about our life is enough for someone with a purpose. Due to modern day digital dependency we are all reduced to modern day peasants, most of us do not even legally own the data we upload to various spaces online to “keep it safe”.


World War 3 will be about Data

There must be some reason why data is given such importance right? A reason why even data like where you walk and how you stand in recorded. What could they get out of it?

The answer is simple, you.

You are what they get out of it. Once they know things about you they have ways to control you. They know your weaknesses, they know your strengths, they know what you desire and what makes you, you! Everything leads to your entirety on this Earth.

Your phone knows everything; it knows where you go, what you eat, what is important to you and what a threat to you… is once you tick that little box, you quite literally sign your life away because the terms of the privacy protection have more loopholes in it than the holes in Swiss cheese.


With great power comes great responsibility.

All this data about you provides them with the power of controlling you if the need be. These public domains, where you “have an account” are a constant target. Every day, websites are getting hacked. Data is being exploited. We know that they track us, read our data… we know that even the government can spy on us.
We can prepare and put up as many passwords as we want but alas we are only peasants living and working on the land of a monarch. Our homes, our lives are all in the hands of the monarch, and just like that we are to war for the monarch as well.

Just like the olden days, our online accounts are our homes and the providers are the monarchs, they seem all mighty and amazing from down on the fields but it is the same monarch that requires you to die for himself and his interests.

All wars in history were fought by us individuals working together in groups against another group. We all fight for a cause, whether it is an accepted cause or feared cause. We fight.
Merge these thoughts with our reality and practical data, every war in its core is fought for power and in this world, knowledge is power.
When we know and we strategize, we succeed. Data is knowledge and we are carelessly signing away our power every other day by a single click

I agree to the terms and conditions.


Yes, it’s so easy and relaxing to just lay back and just click away. Who cares? There’s no threat directly in my face after all, right? Well that’s what Indians thought while going along with the British ways. That’s what the Jews thought before Hitler rose to power. That’s similar to what japan thought after Pearl Harbor. That is where everything went wrong.

What now?


What now? What do we do? Simple, we learn and we improvise.

Do we stop using the internet? Go nomadic? Abstain from everything?

No, we improvise and not run. We aren’t cowards now, are we? We are the descendants of great warriors, all of us and hence we not only fight but strategize. We seek knowledge and move accordingly. Like monarchy to democracy, like running to fighting, like renting to owning, like Homo neanderthalensis to Homo sapiens we adapt and we evolve. Our freedom survives and doesn’t go extinct.

Exactly how?
The road to freedom is long, arduous and full of contingencies.
It is not easy.

We need baby steps and a base camp, a safe haven. A Houm.

Designed by long sighted individuals like us, Houm is exactly what it sounds like. It’s where you keep your documents, pictures and personal information away from prying eyes.

It is our virtual home. A place we singularly own. A place where no one can interfere, a place where privacy is the norm and “terms and conditions” either cease to exist or are set by one person, you. A part of the internet that belongs and exists just for you and according to you. Where everything inside is yours and nobody other than you has access to it. It is Houm.

So, take a step and start gearing up. Who knows when the war horns will sound?