Data Ownership – The Only Way To Keep Your Data Private

We are oblivious to all the information we generate on the internet and malicious entities lurking out there threatening it constantly. Laws & Regulations are not capable to ensure the safety & privacy of this data & thus Data Ownership turns out to be the only ideal solution for complete protection & privacy of our data. Only when you own your data can you ensure its safety.

Data-Ownership-is the-key


Ever since people have started voicing their rights for freedom & security in the virtual world, the demand for Data Ownership has arisen over & over. The clamour only seems fair because firstly we live in a free world & secondly, the increasing cyber crimes have taught us that no one can be trusted when it comes to Data Security.

As we own materialistic possessions in our mundane lives, it is important that we own the data we generate in the virtual world too. Right now, of all the data that is available on the internet, around 99% of it is owned by the top 5 global internet companies. This means that all that data that you have put online, thinking it’s yours, isn’t yours at all! And there are high chances that one of these 5 companies owns it & not to mention that companies have often proved themselves unfit to secure your data.

This is why we feel that the only way to keep data completely secure is when we own it. But what do we mean by data ownership & how can you establish it?

As cool as it sounds, Data Ownership doesn’t just give you a right but also establishes a responsibility towards your data. Step-by-step in this blog we will walk you through the complete concept of Data Ownership, its importance & the process to establish it. 

What is Data Ownership?

As the name suggests Data Ownership means complete ownership, control & responsibility of your digital data. Owning your data will mean that you will have the right to choose who gets to access how much of it & for how long. You will be in charge of your data & this way you can make sure that your data is not taken advantage of.

Moreover, Data Ownership will help bring into being a sense of concern in the layman’s mind regarding the security of their data. With the number of cybercrimes rising every day, it is high time that everyone understands the importance of their data & the havoc its misuse can create not just at an individual level, but at the global level too. Data is considered a potential cause for the next world war & if Data Ownership can help prevent that too, then it is just a small step in the right direction.

Why is Data Ownership needed for the Safety of Your Data?

If truth be told, in the present day scenario, data ownership is the only way for you to ensure the security of your data. No matter how much you live on the safer side & take all precautions, you can never be sure that your data is completely safe from all forms of cyber threats. You never know who might be spying on you right now or where your data might be at stake of being misused. 

This is why data ownership is the need of the hour. 

We will consider 4 points to establish the need for data ownership & to understand how it promises complete data security.

  1. It is a free world
    The first & foremost reason for you to own your data is that ‘IT IS YOURS’.
    We live in a free world, where we all have the freedom to possess things & to decide who we share them with. Now as the world is becoming more & more digital every day, you spend more time in front of your laptops or mobile phones than you spend with actual people. And all this time, you keep producing more & more data. All this data includes your pictures, videos, files, documents, conversations & so much more, that is created by you and should rightfully belong to you. So, rightfully you should have the complete responsibility & control of it which only Data Ownership can give you. 
  2. Your data is always open to attack
    In the last few years, as much as the use of internet has increased, cyber crimes have increased with the same pace too. The number of breaches, hacking, phishing & other cybercrimes is increasing exponentially every year & it is expected that by the year 2021, it will have caused damage of around $6 Trillion. Also, it’s not just about how your data can be stolen from you, but also about whether it’s being monitored? Because most of the time it is. From un-encrypted applications monitoring your conversations to the online storage spaces monitoring your files & even your search history is monitored oftentimes. So, there is no way that all this data is secure online right now.
  3. Laws aren’t strong enough
    Laws are the foundations of a civilized society. They are what secure our privacy & ensure our protection in the modern world. But when it comes to digital data, there aren’t many strict laws to ensure the security of internet users. Though stronger laws like GDPR are coming into action in some parts of the world, a major part of the world is still void of it. Moreover, with constant technological advancements, the digital world is changing faster than thought & thus unchanging laws are of no use here. Stronger yet flexible laws are needed that could be easily updated with the coming time. Right now the best solution for the problem is data ownership since it will put the people in control of their data, leaving them responsible for who they share it with.
  4. You let the impersonators in
    Yup! You let the impersonators into your devices, unintentionally. And you do this by either unconsciously clicking on just any link you receive, that often contains malware, or you open those spam mails or you don’t keep your devices safe. This way various malicious entities enter your devices which later can harm you. Moreover, it isn’t just that, besides this, people are often very ignorant of the terms & conditions that come along with every application you install. Just remember the last time you actually read all the terms & conditions or wondered why an application wants to access your file? You can’t because it never happened. Everyone is so busy concentrating on the features of applications that we often forget that we are losing our digital freedom there. And this is a major problem, which hopefully data ownership can solve because when you will be responsible for your data’s security, you might become more sceptical. 

Ownership is both Right & Responsibility

Ownership puts you in control of your data making you in charge of all your data. It gives you certain rights over your data, like –

  • You get to decide who can view your files.
  • You can decide the type of data you share with an application.
  • You get to revoke your permission if you are sceptical about your data’s use.
  • You get to safeguard certain files from everyone on your devices.
  • You get the right to ask the companies why they need certain data from you.

But these rights don’t come for free. As free as you might feel in the digital world with this data, it comes with certain responsibilities too. Some of which are,

  • You have to be careful enough not to share your data with anyone & everyone.
  • You will have to make sure whether it’s safe to share your data with a certain application or service or not.
  • You will be solely responsible if some data is used by an application because you shared it with them in the first place.
  • In case you share the data without paying attention to the guidelines of its use, then its further use or misuse will be your responsibility.


The Only way to Truly Own Data

Now, as we said before, there aren’t enough laws to ensure your data’s privacy & security on the internet, so what you require is a solution on the individual level. Now the first obvious thing we would suggest you is to take the right precautions on your end to secure your data. But that would still not ensure complete safety of it.

The only ideal solution that you require is a safe place on the internet, like a digital home, where you can easily store all your data without worrying about any of the cyber threats. Houm provides you a place like that, your own domain on the internet, something like your own piece of the internet. On that domain, you can fearlessly save all your digital data as it is only & only accessible to you, not even to the team at Houm. Also, you can build a neighbourhood on Houm & have secure conversations without being monitored. Houm gives you complete legal ownership of your data on the internet. What more could you want?