Hammer and Nails for the Internet

Houm - Hammer and Nails for the Internet Home

When you decide that you want a house for yourself, do you get a hammer and nails and wood and stuff and build a house for yourself with your bare hands?

No. We just go and buy it from a professional builder.

Similarly, when you want a home on the internet, would you rather build it yourself or buy it from a builder?

Most of us don’t know how to fire up a server, connect it to the internet, map a domain to the IP and publish DNS, install useful applications, put in security measures, etc. It’s all tech mumbo jumbo. We’d rather just buy it from a builder.

Houm is that builder. At www.houm.me, you can build a digital home for yourself in less than 3 minutes!

We need a home on the internet that remains private to ourselves. A home on the internet where we can lock the door and no one else can come in – including the builder, and we can get absolute digital privacy. Where we can keep our personal stuff and it remains private.

At houm.me, you can build a private home on the internet for yourselves. A place on the internet that you can own and is absolutely private to you.