Houm featured on cybernews!

What is the deal about data privacy?

Almost everything that we do online is now traced and owned by these giant internet enterprises. Our personal information is analysed and organised by them to make billions of individual profiles for advertisers. But what if there was a way for you to enhance your own personal privacy online?

Well, now you can! By choosing houm.me you’ll get a private domain. It provides you with 100GB of data, absolutely “Private on the internet” video calls. The domain can only be accessed by you or your inner circle, so there is no need to worry about any unwanted communications or spam.

At Houm we believe in bringing privacy back on the Internet by giving the power of data back to the consumer. This dream has been acknowledged even by industry experts and data privacy advocates. Today we are sharing uplifting news – a mention of Houm.me on the best network security providers list!

We want to take a minute to thank Cybernews – an online resource, covering everything from cyber war toVPN providers comparisons.It’s an honour to be amongst the best!

With Houm, ensure the privacy of your digital assets today!