Is it really possible to own a piece of the Internet privately?

own a piece of the Internet privately

Own a private place on the internet – this concept baffles people usually! Is it even possible to own a private place on the internet?!

Actually, it’s quite simple.

To understand this, let’s first see what is the internet. At bare basics, the Internet is nothing but a whole bunch of servers connected to each other… actually, a few million servers connected to each other and working on a common syntax. All the data on the internet lies on these servers. When we access the internet in any way, this data gets trafficked across a global network onto our mobile and computer screens. These days, a lot goes back too.

So, to own a piece of the internet privately, all you need to do is to have a server of your own and have it connected to the internet – and there, you own a piece of the internet privately. Then, for ease of use, buy a domain, map the IP of your server to the domain and publish DNS. It’s not that difficult or complex, but just that a lot of us non-tech folks just don’t know how to do all this tech mumbo jumbo.