The first conversation blew me away!

Houm - The first conversation blew me away!

My first conversation had two parts though.

When I first met the founders of Houm Technology, and when they explained the Product Vision – to bring back true privacy on the internet, to introduce the concept of private ownership on the internet and to take the ownership to the end consumers, I was blown away by the audacity and power of that concept. I wondered if it really was possible to build a product that can achieve that. So, I had to check the tech.

The second part of the conversation was all tech, and I was convinced that tech thinking could achieve the product vision. It was complex but there was innovation, some of the challenges were exciting to solve technologically, and architecture was robust.

I also liked the founders. So, I dived right in, and from then on, it was head down and intense work to build this fabulous product – Houm. I am a software engineer, and I am a member of the core tech team that built Houm.

At Houm, we truly respect the privacy of the end consumers – in our case, the owners of the respective houms, and everything that we do… all our debates and discussions, programming and testing… everything revolves around the objective of delivering privacy to houm owners, even from ourselves.

I am extremely proud of what we have built and we are only just getting started.


Best regards,

Nishant Thite