What Can Houm Do For Me?

The need of the hour is to own a private place on the internet and with Houm, that is a possibility. When you create your digital home, you not only get absolute data privacy but freedom from the conditions of big companies. With Houm, your digital freedom is not an alternative but a priority.


Safety + Freedom + Happiness = Home or as we say, Houm.

Your home is your safe haven, a space in this infinite universe that grants you utopic freedom. Your home is exclusive to you and the ones you choose to live with. Only the owners or residents have unbarred access and the power to decide what happens inside your home. But this is the notion of the physical realm, what about the virtual world? Even if unknowingly, your life is integrated with the internet almost irrevocably as if trying to build a digital home. From communication to the storage of documents, doing everything online is the preferred choice. But the knowledge that most portals downright stalk all the users remains unknown. These portals know where you are, what your schedule is, what you like, your conversations and so on. Your “account” providers might know more about you than your significant other. Isn’t that scary?

This is where Houm comes in. Houm was born to eradicate this paranoia. It does so by giving you the opportunity to create a digital home. Houm enables you to buy your very own digital space. But why? Why do you need a home online? What is it that Houm can do for you that is a necessity in the 21st century? 

  • Absolute Privacy And Ownership 

You do not own anything on the internet.

Half of your mortal life is now spent around the internet, every aspect is somehow connected to the intangible virtual plane and yet you do not own anything in the world where you invest so much of yourself. You do not have the complete rights over anything that you create. Absurd, right? You utilise multiple websites or internet applications for their services, create accounts, put your information there. It seems like you own these accounts, but you are simply getting access to the data that you put there. You have no clue about why you are asked to input all your information and to top the absurdness off, you have almost no control over what happens to your “general” information. 

This uncertainty is the #1 reason for user-paranoia because you are obliged to input your information, you carry on using the service inputting more data and then you have to constantly keep a watch over your back while you surf the web; worried that your information will be leaked. But, Houm has got your back. Your Houm is a piece of the internet that you completely own and can be accessed only by you from anywhere in the world. It is secure and it clearly states that the information that you upload on houm is your property and no one but you has any rights over it.

Further ensuring your privacy and ownership, Houm keeps no secret or hidden “back-ups” of your data after you delete your Houm. 

  • Personalised Address (domain)

Houm enables you to build and own a digital home, a piece of the internet that belongs to you. 

If you own a home, it has an address and on the virtual world, you have your domain. In this manner, a domain is basically your virtual address.  Owning a piece of the internet starts with having your own domain name which allows you to locate your Houm. This comes with a twist though, in the physical world you can “create” your own address but you can’t choose or create your own domain name with Houm. You just need to search for the names available and select the desired one. You buy your domain name, hence, you legally own your domain & thus your Houm. 

With Houm you can also choose between creating a domain or choosing a sub-domain according to your need. Once you do so, you need not go back to Houm Technology Singapore Pvt. Ltd. Just move on to entering your domain or sub-domain and access all your digital data without any interference. You don’t even need to worry about break-ins as Houm ensures your security, your privacy and allows only you (or other entities that you authorise)  to have access to your digital home.

  • Easy-peasy Upgrades

The major issue once you own your home is making room for your assets which keep on increasing. Upgradations are tedious in the real world but it’s easy online when you buy your own Houm. With Houm the process of innovation does not stop. Once you buy your Houm you can always upgrade or increase the space available to you with extreme ease. The major benefit is that you can choose the entity you decide to buy from. With Houm you get the promise of absolute security and privacy.

Houm does not peek into your data or transactions or communication. It has no loopholes and gives complete ownership of your data. That means you get to decide what happens to it without any conditions from Houm Technology Singapore Pvt. Ltd. It provides private storage with shared resources and facilitates private hosting spaces with dedicated resources as well.

 Houm hosts your data for you when you choose it and the providers cannot pry or spy over your data.

  • Private Digital neighbourhood

Man is a social animal, man needs a society to survive and thrive. Following this Houm gives you an opportunity to create your own digital neighbourhood. You just have to enter the name and email id of the person whom you want to invite to your neighbourhood in the neighbourhood section and once they accept your invitation, you can start interacting with them directly one-on-one.

With Houm, your digital home, absolute privacy is the norm and so when you personally choose the Houms in your digital neighbourhood everything about your neighbourhood remains unseen by unwanted eyes as well. The conversations stay between the intended recipients only.

Houm ensures that your communication link with each neighbour is secure, private and absolutely away from prying eyes. Not even Houm Technology Singapore Pvt. Ltd. has any access or spyware inside your texts and other details.

  • Inheritance 

Though the word inheritance brings about unpleasant thought at first glance but Houm doesn’t make it so. To pass on your home and assets you generally have to go through a tedious process with a lawyer and give all documents in place but with  Houm it is simple. You just have to add a nominee into your details and the Houm along will all the digital assets will be passed onto your heir.

This feature is multi-faceted. Houm can act as a vault or an FD of sorts. You can store all your information, documents, certificates, pictures and work documents in your Houm so that the Houm can be passed on to anyone you want when you want. You can use Houm to create a digital album and locker for your child, or maybe as an anniversary gift where you store all your memories.

In just 3-steps the possibilities with Houm are hence, endless.

The utilities, seamless.

Data Ownership, absolute and Privacy, non-negotiable.