What Is The Big Deal About Data Privacy?

Prevent before you have to repent. Data privacy is a term that is thrown around a lot but most of us don’t realise what it really is and why it is important. Read more about it before you learn it the hard way; through a data breach.

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Recently one way or another you must have definitely heard of Data Privacy. It may be due to some news report about the GDPR regulations in Europe or through some Facebook post guiding you about keeping your data safe. Hasn’t all this got you thinking, what exactly does Data Privacy mean & why is everyone making such a fuss over it?
Well, don’t worry, we’re here to end your dilemma!
Keep reading & you will find answers to questions you need, viz. What is Data Privacy & Why does it matter so much?

What does Data Privacy Mean?

In the physical world, you use lockers to keep your money safe, lock your doors to avoid people from barging in, use curtains to make sure no one can take a sneak peek in your personal life. You do all this, for what? To maintain your privacy, to make sure that no one can intrude your privacy. But when it comes to the digital world, how do you maintain a sense of privacy there?

This is exactly what Data Privacy talks about.
Data Privacy is a term coined to explain the right of protection of the data in the digital world. It comprises of the rules & regulations used to secure the data that you share online with companies. The basic motto for the purpose is to avoid your data from being stolen or misused against your will. Consider Data Privacy as the locks & latches of the digital world that keep your data safe from the prying eyes of hackers & companies that wish to sell it wrongfully.

Why should you care about Data Privacy?

Simply put, if you don’t want people to sneak in your data without your permission, then you should definitely care about Data Privacy. Time & again there have been multiple threats to your data online & its no secret anymore that the consumer data online is sold to companies for their benefits & sometimes in even legally sound ways.

But think about it, shouldn’t you be consulted before using your data anywhere? And in case you don’t know, the data shared about you includes some pretty sensitive data sometimes, including bank details too sometimes. To understand this better, have a look at some of the threats your digital data is under at all times & why Data Privacy is a matter that should matter to you.

Threats to your Data Privacy:

Breaches: The most common threats to data on various platforms is data breaches. You must have definitely heard of at least one big company facing a data breach. From Facebook to Google, each one has faced a data breach at some point or another. And every data breach means loss of data on the company’s part. And who’s data is it? Yours & ours. And what happens with this data? No one knows. The people who acquire it might sell it, misuse it, basically do whatever they want with it & we cannot stop them. All we have is an apology from the company, that let our sensitive data slip away.
The biggest data breach of all times, Yahoo’s data breach targeted around 3 billion people around the globe. Another breach involving Apple’s iCloud targeted some major Hollywood stars and besides these, there are many more.


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Hacking: Another major threat to Data Privacy is Hacking. There are a number of hackers out there who can hack your IDs & attain your data to misuse it. These hackers can attack individual personalities or a mass of people at once but in either case, your data is at risk. An aspect to consider here is the role of the platform from where this data is hacked. Even though you can take steps at your level like securing your passwords, but on a higher level, it is also the responsibility of companies to keep their consumers’ data safe & they often fail to do so.


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Data Brokers: You read it right, Data Brokers. These are the people who collect your data & later sell it to other parties at a price. Data brokers are a threat to Data Privacy but unfortunately, there are no legal rules or regulations that govern them. And that is why they can so easily acquire information of individuals based on their internet activities & sell it to companies which in turn target you for various reasons. This again proves one thing for sure, & it is that companies are either unable to protect our data or are not making enough efforts to do so.


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What can you do?

Now that you know, what threatens your Data Privacy, the question is how can you secure your data? Well, Data Privacy is a blooming issue & many governments have set out rules & regulations to manage & secure Data Privacy, GDPR being the strongest among all. But these regulations can still get better to properly secure the data of the consumers.

Meanwhile, as a way of securing your data, there are certain steps that you can take on your part & ensure if not complete then partial protection of your valuable digital data.

1. Security

Ensure that all your sensitive data on your devices are safely secured using passwords or trusted security applications.

2. Secure Passwords

To ensure protection against hackers, make sure you use secure passwords on your devices. Using your name or birthdate as a password makes it easier to hack. So, opt to use a strong combination of upper case & lower case letters, symbols & numbers to make your password strong.

3. Sensitive Information

When it comes to Social Media, we often don’t hesitate before posting personal information on our feed. It is practically possible to stalk anyone these days by just keeping a track of their social media posts. And if you want to save your sensitive data from being stolen, then the first thing you should do is stop posting it online. Another thing, try not to save data such as bank details on Clouds where it is not very safe.

4. Anti-theft

Use Anti-theft devices to ensure higher security of your data. Take a proper back-up of all your important data.

These tips can only help you delay the inevitable, but if you really wish to foolproof your data from hackers & breaches, then the only way to do it is by keeping it somewhere, where only you can access it.
Sounds fictional, doesn’t it?

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