What’s Inner Circle?

What’s Inner Circle in Houm.me?

My Inner Circle is made up of the people closest to me — the people I trust with my life! In my case, I can count them on my fingers – my wife, children, parents and 3 really close friends – that’s it!

These are people who are close enough to come home if they need to meet me, rather than meet me at a Starbucks. I discuss my most personal and private matters with these people, stuff I really don’t want ANY company to be listening to or analyzing.

So, I shifted all my communications with this close circle of people onto a new channel that offers me real true privacy.

All I had to do was to build my digital home at www.houm.me (took 3 minutes) and choose the people I want to add to my personal Inner Circle… and now all my chats, calls, video calls, etc are absolutely private.

I have moved to Houm for all my chats and calls with people who truly matter to me because I know that at Houm, I have gotten my privacy back.

Go on, experience www.houm.me