Why did we build Houm?

Why did we build Houm?

We built houm because we believe that the people of this world need it, to get their digital privacy back.

We would often talk about how the internet is massively consolidated in the hands of a few large companies. Also, the concept of private ownership, so fundamental in the physical world, does not exist on the internet!

As a result, the over 4 billion people who use the internet everyday have absolutely zero digital privacy. Everything we do on the internet is done on products or services offered by some large company or the other, and so, they see everything we do online, and sometimes even offline.

We felt that the only way to get some privacy on the internet is to have our own place on the internet that no other company can access. The problem is – most people do not know how to build and own a private place on the internet.

So, we decided to build a product that will help people build and own their own place on the internet – sort of a digital home where no one else can go in, including us who help build it.

We thought this is an exciting product to build, and will be a force for good.



Bijaei Jayaraj
Founder – Houm Technology Private Limited